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Domaine Alain Gras


Vinified with care and using traditional methods, the domaine’s wines exemplify the characteristic of this terroir, which Alain Gras sums up in three words: fresh, fruity and elegant.

Saint Romain whites and reds are wines to enjoy fairly young.
Drinking Alain Gras’ Saint-Romain red is like savoring fresh grapes, as the fruit is so expressive.

The brightness of his Saint Romain white makes it ideal as an aperitif and also goes well with fish dishes; this wine will delight you.

If you would like more specific information on the domaine’s wines, here are the technical sheets for each appellation produced, that you can consult or print out at your leisure.


Alain Gras Wines
White wines Red wines
Alain Gras Saint Romain white wine Alain Gras Saint-Romain red wine
Alain Gras Auxey-Duresses white wine Alain Gras Auxey-Duresses Red wine
Alain Gras Meursault les Tillets